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Hey Ya'll!!! 

     My name is Gray! The man behind the chair and the camera!  My journey began many years ago, ( twenty three to be exact, wow that's been a long time) in a small town of South West Georgia.  Hairstyling has been my first love for as long as I can remember.  But, something was missing!  I needed something more!  

     You know that feeling of a great hair cut and/or color? You know the feeling...the excited feeling you get when you see your exact vision come to life before your eyes???  The feeling of beauty and how your eyes light up! The feeling of WOW, I never knew I could look like this! That very feeling, seeing the reaction to that feeling is how it all began!  

      Always having a love for photography, I made the decision to pick up the camera and start capturing the beauty right in front of me.  To showcase how uniquely beautiful you are!!!


     Are you ready to see?  Come on a photographic journey with me and see how you feel!  Who know's maybe you will find who never thought you could be! 

Love, Gray

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